Khatana’s Linen & Uniforms provides service in Jaipur and other cities in Rajasthan. We provide quality & affordable services to restaurants, hotels, motels, commercial and industrial business.

Complete Linen & Uniforms Service

Linen Services

Best Quality Linen Service in Jaipur. We manufacture our products with high-quality fabrics which are easy to take care of.

  • Restaurants/Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial/Automotive
  • Companies

Uniform Services

We craft practical, functional and comfortable uniforms for various industries. Our motto easy to wear & easy to care.

  • Kitchen Uniforms
  • Industrial and Automotive Uniforms
  • Food Service Uniforms
  • Healthcare and Medical Uniforms

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Planning to have new uniforms for your staff in Rajasthan? or maybe you need Lenin service in Jaipur.

No need to worry about expenditure. We provide the best linen and uniform service in Jaipur and other cities of Jaipur.

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