Best linen and uniform service in Jaipur. Khatana’s is one of the leading providers for linen and uniforms in Jaipur & other cities in Rajasthan.

Khatana’s can incorporate cultural to modern look in products like Suits, Jacket, Safari, Daungri, Kurtas, Shirt, Trousers & other corporate uniforms.

Khatana’s Lenin service provides a wide range of best quality bed sheets, bath related products & banquet/table Linen.

Our expert craftsmen give deep attention to minute details at every stage of production. Khatana’s Bring you not just Linen but Luxurious linen with comfort.

We procure raw linen fabric from our trustful suppliers and perform safety and quality check before manufacturing. After our craftsmen finish their work we perform a quality check to ensure every stitch and every corner of the manufactured linen.

Khatana’s linen service includes a wide range of linen/textile products used in hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. Our linen service is trusted by many high-end hotels and established hospitals in Rajasthan.

Customer satisfaction is our top most priority and that’s why we give the best quality service at the most affordable price.

We are innovative

We have years of experience and extremely talented craftsmen. We know the value of technology and their benefits in the production of our products. We use good quality fabric, the latest technology to produce comfortable, durable and functional uniforms and linen for various industries.

We are awesome

Our motto is easy to wear and easy to care. All our products material are chosen according to their use. This helps our product to be durable and maintain easily. We are a family company and manufacture our products for companies in Jaipur and other cities of Rajasthan locally.

We are evolving

We know the importance of technology in terms of both quality and price. We use the latest technology in the market which helps us to keep the cıst of our products low as well as not compromising on quality. With the use of the latest machines, our employees can produce more effectively and efficiently.

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